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Apply Now: #AECT16 Early Career Symposium

If you are an advance doctoral student or an early career faculty, I strongly recommend applying to the AECT 2016 Early Career Symposium. I participated in 2012 and it was a wonderful experience. For me, it was a great way to meet other graduate students and early career faculty (network). I also enjoyed interacting with the mentors (they shared their experiences in academia and provided advice). This are the intended outcomes of the early career symposium:

  • Mentoring of doctoral students into the social/professional network as partners in ideation, prototyping, idea execution, and knowledge curation;
  • Supporting early-career faculty and doctoral students in developing viable short- and long-term cyberlearning research agendas;
  • Providing specific feedback and guidance to early-career faculty and doctoral students about their research agendas (e.g. how to build a research agenda, pursue funding, and maintain successful collaborations);
  • Expanding and strengthening the cyberlearning community by creating a community of researchers committed to designing the next generation of learning technologies and increasing understanding of how people learn in technology-rich learning environments.

For more information or to apply:

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The “Quick Update” Post

I wanted to write a couple of posts about things I experienced this last semester and then life happened! So, I am merging it all into this post. Please forgive the imperfection of my writing. I probably will not take the time edit and re-edit. What you are about to read are the words as they flow from my brain to the keyboard to this blog.

Since I last wrote a blog post (not an announcement but an actual blog post) I became a mom. This time last year, I was in Switzerland in a Faculty Exchange program. It was exactly during the exchange that I discovered that I was expecting a baby. Yes, the pregnancy test results read “Schwanger.”



Many things have happened in my personal/professional life in the last year (since I found out I was pregnant) and I want to share them in my blog. However, I am still trying to figure out how to best express those experiences and feelings in a blog post (or maybe more than one). I hope to take some time to write about this experiences in the near future.

What I do want to share in this blog post is that I have officially completed my third year in  a tenure track position. At the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester, I submitted all my materials and by mid March had received all the pre-tenure letters. This is a minor milestone but I still consider it a milestone. I guess the questions that I need to answer now is: what is happening past pre-tenure? Well, pretty much just keep on working hard. I have a long term “to-do list” that I have to tackle and of course, the everyday “to-do list.”

The last three years served to connect with really amazing faculty and graduates students with whom I have found common ground (topics of interest) to work on projects. Some of these projects are strictly related to the instructional design practice and others are more multidisciplinary. I am very excited about this projects and some of them will presented in conferences later this years (currently working on getting some manuscripts out for review). Other projects are just starting so more details coming soon.

I also want to quickly mention that I also started professional service with the AERA SIG Design & Technology as a Technology Liaison. I am excited for this opportunity and very much looking forward to working with colleagues in the SIG. This previous sentence reminded me that I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed attending AERA 2016. I did not present a paper but instead had the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program sponsored by the AERA SIG Design & Technology. I met two outstanding graduate students, Amanda and Yi.

I hope the SIG continues the mentoring program in the future. It was a great opportunity to share my graduates student and faculty journey. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to listen to the concerns of graduate students and, hopefully, provide guidance. I also learned from the graduate students in the process. Both graduate students, Amanda and Yi, shared conferences, resources, and research groups that were completely new to me.

During the conference I also participated as moderator in a panel discussion on the past, present, and future of the design and technology field. The panelist included Elizabeth Boling, Pat Hardre, and George Veletsianos. It was nice to listen to the panelists’ perspective on the current state of the field as well as suggestions for graduate students and faculty doing research on topics related to design and technology. The current Graduate Student Representative of the SIG Design and Technology board, Shonn, live tweeted the panel presentation. If you are interested in reading more about it, you can check out the AERA SIG Design & Technology Twitter stream.

That is all I have for now. Hoping to be post more in the near future. Hopefully, future post will not be as lengthy.

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IT faculty job search: What every international student needs to know [Panel Presentation at #AECT15]

I was not able to physically attend the #AECT15 but I was happy to make this video for the panel presentation “IT faculty job search: What every international student needs to know.” Hope international students in the instructional design field find it helpful.

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Instructional Design Entry Level Positions at Deloitte Services LP


I received the following two positions from Deloitte Services LP in Orlando, FL (see attachments):

Solution Associate: FY16_Solution Associate_HCap OTT_Final

Solution Developer: FY16_Solution Developer_HCap OTT_Final

One is geared towards associate students [Solution Associate] while the other is for bachelor/master’s students [Solution Developer]. We would really appreciate it if you can pass this along to anyone who may be interested and is a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions — Lan Nguyen (

Lan Nguyen
Deloitte Services LP

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Postdoctoral Research Position @ The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Researcher Position at The Ohio State University

The College of Education and Human Ecology at Ohio State University seeks a postdoctoral researcher to join in a multi-disciplinarily team to provide research and evaluation service on a statewide project on K-12 digital learning implementation. As a member of the research and evaluation team, the researcher will assist with research design, planning, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods. Working with school districts, the researcher will design and select measurement instruments, manage various data collection efforts, facilitate interviews and focus groups, and conduct observations. He/she will work closely with other team members in report writing and maintaining communication with program staff. In addition, the researcher is expected to contribute to the development and design of new research projects; participate in a program of grant writing; develop materials that support the translation and application of research to practice; contribute to papers submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals; develop presentations for scientific conferences; and write evaluation reports.

Applicants must possess a doctoral degree from an accredited college or university in evaluation, measurement, applied statistics, educational psychology, social science, or related field before the starting date of the position. The ideal candidate will have expertise in the design of program evaluations for K-12 educational technology implementation programs through both quantitative and qualitative methods.

The position, a one-year appointment with annual renewal expected for two years contingent upon satisfactory performance, will begin September 15, 2014. The position is contingent upon the final approval of funding. In order to ensure full consideration, please send curriculum vitae, graduate school transcript, contact information for three references, up to two first-authored (or primary role) papers or publications, and a one-page cover letter describing career goals, research interests, research expertise and reasons for applying to Dr. Kui Xie ( Review of application will begin upon receipt of these materials.

About The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University is a nationally-ranked premier Research I institution that is highly committed to promoting the lives of young children through research, practice, and leadership. Located in Columbus, Ohio, national rankings place OSU among the nation’s top 25 public institutions. This postdoctoral researcher will be located in the Research Laboratory for Digital Learning in Department of Educational Studies, College of Education and Human Ecology at OSU. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report ranked our graduate education program as ninth among public universities. Four of the programs in Department of Educational Studies are ranked in the top 10 nationally and three programs are ranked in the top 20 nationally. In addition, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis named us as outstanding. More information about the college is available at

Kui Xie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Learning Technologies
The Ohio State University
College of Education and Human Ecology Department of Educational Studies
310K Ramseyer Hall, 29 West Woodruff Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-4438 |  |

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ID&T Job Ads Data Analysis #EME610

The graduate students in the EME610 Trends and Issues in ID&T course (Spring 2014) presented their research results from the analysis of 150+ ID&T job ads. The students were divided into groups and each group focused on a specific job market (faculty, corporate, higher education/K-12, government/military).

ID&T — Corporate:

TeamCorporate_EME610_IDT Job Ad Analysis

ID&T — Faculty

TeamFaculty_ID&T Job Ads Data Collection and Analysis

ID&T — K-12

TeamHigherEducation&K-12_ID&T Job Ads

ID&T — Government & Military

TeamMilitary&Government_EME610 JobAdsPresentation