Instructional Design Practitioners, Students, and Faculty: Social Media Groups

I am putting together a list of social media groups, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn groups, to share with the students in the UT IDT program. I thought it would be a nice resource that would allow them to be expose to diverse groups of instructional designers in different settings, levels of experience, and locations. I remember when I first started my IDT master program it seemed like there was hardly anyone else who knew what was instructional design. In any case, I know it can feel like just you and your classmates are learning about instructional design. In reality, we have large communities of instructional design practitioners, students, and faculty. This is a work in progress list, I will add more groups as I come across them.

2 thoughts on “Instructional Design Practitioners, Students, and Faculty: Social Media Groups

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I have to give an extra huge thank you for the Google spreadsheet of IDT programs. This is something that I have had on the back burner to put together for teachers looking to get into ID. I hear this question asked so many times in a Facebook ID group. I hope you don’t mind if I link this spreadsheet to my resources page as well. Thanks again!!!!

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