CIEE IFDS – Istanbul Photo Journal

Day 1:[Walking Lecture: Cultural Heritage & History of Istanbul with Dr. Alessandra Ricci @ Mosaic Museum

Day 2: [Lecture: Istanbul between the Global and Local with Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder, Site Visit to Beyoğlu Municipality and Site Visit to Museum of Innocence]

Day 3: [Lecture: Space, Power, and Politics in Contemporary Istanbul with Associate Prof. Dr. Ayfer Bartu Candan and Site Visit to Tarlabaşi Community Center/Migration and Urban Transformation in Istanbul]

Day 4: [Lecture: Cultural Policies & Cultural Politics in Istanbul with Dr. Asu Aksoy @ Bigli University and Site Visit to Bigli University Santral Campus]

Day 5: [ Lecture: Challenges of Freedom of Expression and Journalism in Turkey with Independent Journal, Cultural Activity: Cooking Workshop @ Istanbul Kitchen’s Academy Tophane and Walking Lecture Tour: Consumption, Space, and Spectacle with Dr. Begüm Başdaş @ Beyoğlu]

Day 6: [Ferry from Kabataş to Kadiköy the Asian side of Istanbul = Historical Haydapaşa Train Station and Moda Neighborhood

Day 7: [Lecture: Migration in Turkey with Prof. Dr. Ahmet İçduygu and Lecture: Gender Issues in Turkey with Deniz Yükseker @ Koç University

Day 8: [Artist Talk: Serkan Taycan, Lecture: Politics of Public Art Events with Dr. Banu Karaca @ Sabancı University building and walk around the Galata Tower]

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