Self-Care: Barre Workout

Last year during Summer, I started taking barre workout classes. It was painful but I felt good after every class. I did this as part of a Groupon for a month-membership so after the promotion was done, I stopped the classes. All Fall and Spring, I really missed the bar method classes. So I decided to take classes (in a different studio) this Summer. Pretty much every week (except for two weeks in which I was on travel or recovering from travel) I have taken at least two classes.

This is a major accomplishment for me. I have issues committing to any kind of workout and I feel proud of the fact that I was able to workout at least twice weekly all summer. This is also a major form of self-care. I can honestly start work at 8am and stay connected to my laptop thinking that I must get “whatever I am working on” done. I become very sedentary and that is not good. Prioritizing my group exercise class has become a part of my daily routine (I normally do a mid-day class). I am not sure how this will transition into my routine during the academic year but I hoping for the best.



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