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Tunisian NGOs and Resources

It is well past my bed time here in Tunisia, but I wanted to put together a list with the links to the organizations that we have interacted with or have been mentioned as part of the international faculty development seminar in which I am participating. The title of the seminar is: “The New Tunisia: Migration and Democratic Consolidation.” Over the last three days, we have talked to several experts on the topic and we have visited several NGOs. Below I am sharing the links to the organizations  and also other resources mentioned during the seminar. I will update this blog post at the end of the seminar in case there are other links or additional resources.


  • EuroMed Rights – Tunisia
    • The focal point of this NGO is the rights (social and economic) of migrants and refugees in Tunisia.
  • Terre d’Asile Tunisia
    • The focus of this NGO is to provide guidance and support to non-Tunisian migrants.
  • AMAL
    • The focus of this NGO is to empower Tunisian mothers by providing accommodation, legal advice and vocational training to unmarried mothers [News Article]


  • Maghrib Past and Present Podcast
    • This podcast is a forum in which artists, writers, and scholars from North Africa, the United States, and beyond can present their ongoing and innovative research on and cultural activities in the Maghrib. The podcasts are recorded at research centers, universities, and cultural venues across the Maghrib (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania).


This section on music is an addition to the blog post. One of my colleagues in the program mentioned the song “A night in Tunisia” and the album “African Cookbook” to me. Both are great pieces of Jazz. Although they are not from Tunisia, I thought it would be good to share them in the blog.