Keep Calm and Canoe On

As a family, we have always been very outdoorsy but there were some activities we had not tried yet with our young son due to his age. The COVID-19 pandemic force us to only embrace outdoor activities (and avoiding activities that required us to be inside a building). So, we felt like perhaps we should try a canoe or kayak trip with our young child. We had been waiting for him to get a bit older to try this type of water activities. So, once the state and city parks re-opened last August 2020 we ventured out into the water.

Some of the parks and areas that we have explored in or near Tampa include:

  • Weedon Island Preserve
  • Lettuce Lake Park
  • Upper Tampa Bay Trail
  • Winter Park Chain of Lakes
  • King’s Landing
  • Shell Key Preserve

Going canoeing and kayaking with our young son is so much fun! He loves the whole experience of been out in the water and getting to see different kinds of birds, alligators, and other wildlife. It is also fun to interact with other people out in the water. We did have to give him directions to make sure he stays safe in the canoe or kayak. A nice part about the places that we have explored in a canoe or kayak is that they have shallow or beach-like areas were he can get out and swing. This comes in handy during the summer months when the temperature in Florida is really hot!

I hope we can do this outdoor activity in other states or countries. But glad that at least there are several places to explore in or near Tampa. Do you enjoy canoeing or kayaking? Any favorites spots near you?

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