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#AECT16 Call for Featured Research Papers


The Sessions
On each of the three days of concurrent sessions at the Las Vegas Convention (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) one 60-minute session will be devoted to presentation and discussion of two Featured Research papers. These sessions will be highlighted in the program. Each presenter will have 15-20 minutes to present their paper, followed by five minutes of critique, comment, and synthesis by a noted discussant and five minutes of question-and-answer by audience members.

Nature of the Studies
Featured Research papers will report on a COMPLETED RESEARCH study that has not been published in a journal nor previously presented at a conference. The paper should describe an EMPIRICAL STUDY that used primarily quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. In all cases, a study must involve the collection of data. Literature reviews, papers describing theories unaccompanied by supporting data, and other non-data-based papers will not be considered for this type of session. A study must have been conducted and the data analyzed at the time a proposal is submitted.

Submission Deadline:February 1, 11:59PM (EST), 2016. You must submit your proposal using the online submission form. Read the guidelines for electronic submissions. Be sure to select the submission group, ‘Featured Research’ to submit your paper.
Enter your proposal in the online proposal form, following the directions provided. After you submit your proposal, you will receive electronic notification that it has been received. The peer review process begins shortly after the submission deadline.

Notification of Acceptance as a Featured Research Paper
Authors of accepted Featured Research papers must submit their full papers to their discussant/facilitator by midnight September 1, 2016. Authors who fail to submit their paper by this deadline will not be allowed to present their paper at the conference and will not appear in the convention program as a Featured Research paper. Papers not accepted for Featured Research may be forwarded to an appropriate division for consideration.

Presenters are required to assume responsibility for all costs associated with the presentation, including convention registration, travel, lodging, handout materials.

Questions regarding proposals submitted as a Featured Research should be directed to Enilda Romero-Hall at

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