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#AECT #RTDiv Professional Development Webinar (May 7 at 11 am EDT)

From the Research & Theory Division:

You are invited to attend the first AECT RTD Professional Development Webinar of 2015!

Dr. Nada Dabbagh

May 7, 2015 at 11 A.M. (EDT)

Registration Link:

Strategically Designed Personal Learning Environments (PLEs): A Process for Engaging Students in Self-Regulated Learning Using Social Media

Personal Learning Environments or PLEs enable the development of personal and social learning spaces to support learner-centered and personalized learning experiences empowering students to direct their own learning and develop self-regulated learning skills. They do so because they are built bottom-up, by the student, starting with personal goals, information management, and individual knowledge construction, and progressing to socially mediated knowledge and networked learning. A PLE can be described as a process that helps students organize the influx of information and resources they are faced with on a daily basis into a personalized digital learning space or experience. However, students must possess the knowledge management and self-regulatory skills to effectively create and customize a PLE for their learning needs. This presentation will address this critical issue focusing on the use of a three-level pedagogical framework that assists faculty in scaffolding student PLE development using social media technologies in order to support self-regulated learning.

Hope you can join us!

Wei Wang, M.S.
Fei Gao, Ph.D.
RTD Professional Development Coordinators

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