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Call for Presentation: ICEM-AECT: Graduate Students Panel Presentations in Emerging Technologies

Call for Presentations: ICEM Graduate Students Panel Presentations in Emerging Technologies: Learning Analytics: What is that? Why should I care?

An active professional community should observe and facilitate the contributions of graduate students.  ICEM-USA has long history of support for graduate students’ professional and personal growth. ICEM-USA is committed to build and support a learning community for ICEM graduate students.


This panel discussion is a collaborative session that provides a forum for graduate students from all over the world to share their research and practices in emerging technologies at AECT 2014 conference, Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.
Up to six panelists will be selected.  Each student would have 5-10 minutes (vary from the numbers of participants)  to present their current research or practices on the annual emerging technology theme.

An ICEM-USA professional member will facilitate this panel discussion while ICEM-USA professional members will serve as commentators at the end of the discussions to support graduate students panelists to continue and improving their professional growth in the theme topics.

Theme for 2014: Learning Analytics: What is that? Why should I care?
Any topics on Learning Analytics
The topics can be research based, practices, technology demonstration, case study etc.


Any graduate students who study anywhere on earth at the time of submitting the proposals.
If the proposal is accepted, the participants are required:
to agree to present at the AECT annual conference
to register for the AECT annual conference.
to join as an AECT student member


Proposal Due Date: July 31, 2014
Author Notification: August 15, 2014
Proposal: One-page in length.  E-mail to Chih-Hsiung Tu at:

For more information see:–GYZ2mp5DE52hMfR14YMdaaL_dpih13D1yWCA/edit?hl=en_USl
Pease forward any correspondence to Chih-Hsiung Tu Ph.D., ICEM-U.S.A. Deputy, at

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