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ICEM Internship at AECT

I write with exciting news about an ICEM internship opportunity at the AECT conference and I ask that you share it with your colleagues and students.

One AECT member will be chosen as the International Council for Educational Media (ICEM) Intern.  The individual chosen as the ICEM Intern will attend the AECT Convention held in Jacksonville, November 4th – 8th, 2014.

The selected intern will receive complimentary convention registration, housing, meals and a limited amount (amount to be determined) toward airfare. The intern is expected to volunteer to serve on an AECT committee of his/her choice during the year of the internship and to work together on a group project that may be presented at the next AECT annual convention. The ICEM Intern is encouraged to request financial support for meal/incidental expenses and possibly some support for transportation from their institutions or affiliate organizations.

All interns will be expected to have arrived at the convention which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Hotel by 3:00 PM Tuesday evening, November 4, 2014, and to stay until Saturday 3:00 PM, November 8, 2014.

Applicants for the ICEM internship must be either a current international graduate student or one who has completed his/her degree during the twelve months prior to the first day of the AECT conference. Applicants may be a citizen of the U.S. or of a non-U.S. nation studying at an American institution or a citizen of any nation studying at an institution outside of the U.S.  Students may be enrolled either full or part time in an accredited university program and must remain in good academic standing throughout the 2014-2015 academic year. If a U.S. student studying at an institution in the U.S. applies, he/she must provide evidence of significant international study or experience.

For full information, please see the AECT conference web site, click on internship/applications, and select ICEM Program Description (

Dr. Robert G. Doyle

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