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Development of Multimedia Instruction [Student Projects] – Part II

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about some of the projects that my students are doing in the development of instructional multimedia class. Since my last blog post the students have continued with their projects. We have moved on to the video tutorial and the instructional video. In the video tutorial, they were required to present video instructions to a process (step-by-step guide). On the other hand, in the instructional video the students had to focus on presenting a video about a topic. The instructional video would be an element they could use to explore a topic in detail (nutrition, photography, drinks, etc.)

I was amazed by the level of commitment to their assignments! The topics were very interesting. There was a range of different topics. I must also add that because of the semester schedule they have about two weeks in between submission deadlines for each projects. Here are their projects (with their permission):

Video Tutorials



Instructional Videos


They are now working on their final assignments for the multimedia class. At the end of the semester they will have a multimedia portfolio which they can use to enhance the portfolio that they need to submit at the end of the program. I can’t wait to see their final portfolios!

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