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A year ago, I participated in the AECT Early Career Symposium as a advance doctoral student and I was mentored by Dr. David Wiley. I found the experience to be very valuable. I learned about research in higher education, applying for grants, and how to be a good IDT faculty member. I also learned about the importance of having an online social presence. And is not that I did not know about it but that I did not fully understand the importance of social media for professional use. So after my participation in the Early Career Symposium I started this blog and started to using Twitter as a professional platform. Today is my Twitterversary!

I have to say that I had all this preconceived notions about Twitter and I was wrong about most of them. Using Twitter has served me to connect with a range of professionals and professional organizations with whom I have shared interest. I am able to keep up with important news about education, educational technology, instructional design and other topics. I also use Twitter to share my news and information. I can also connect with researchers from other disciplines and just share ideas about research in general. It is also a fun platform to share about myself (hobbies, pictures, random facts, etc). I am human after all!

I do not want to make it a long post but I just want to say that I would encourage others to try using Twitter! You may also see the value in it.

Happy Twitterversary to me!

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